Dorothy Hill: the Coral Geologist and Australian Advocate

By Jaime Seltzer Dorothy Hill was born on September 10, 1907 and began to kick butt shortly thereafter. She was interested in medicine at first, but the University of Queensland had no medical program, and her parents couldn’t afford to ship her away to Sydney or Melbourne to find one. Luckily, Dorothy was so brilliant […]

Maria Montessori: The Mother of Modern Education

By Jaime Seltzer Maria Montessori’s history is a bit mysterious, perhaps because the public fell so in love with her story that they couldn’t help but embellish it a little. Still – there are so many incredible stories that it becomes difficult to believe that at least a handful of them are not true. It […]

Katherine Johnson: The Human Computer

By Jaime Seltzer Katherine Johnson was born in 1918 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia to extraordinarily bright parents. Her mother, Joylette, had been a schoolteacher before marrying her father, Joshua, a man with a sixth-grade education who could nonetheless solve Katherine’s math word problems in an instant if she read them aloud, and calculate […]

Franҫoise Dolto: the Child’s Advocate

By Jaime Seltzer Franҫoise Dolto was born to a very well-to-do, conventional French family in 1908, fourth of seven children. Even as a small child, many commented on her incredible ability to understand others, and at the ripe old age of eight, she was already telling anyone who would listen that she wanted to become […]

Marie Tharp: the Woman Who Mapped the Ocean Floor

By Jaime Seltzer Marie Tharp was born in 1920 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, the city so unpronounceable even its inhabitants call it ‘Ypsi’. Her mother, Bertha, was a language teacher who instructed in Latin and German before she married her father, William, who was a soil scientist who made maps for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. […]

Leona Woods: Bombs, Potatoes, and Secret Underground Labs

By Jaime Seltzer Leona Woods was an integral part of the Manhattan Project, otherwise known as the quest to build the bomb before the Nazis could, and later known as the thing that destroyed Hiroshima. Leona was a super-genius born in 1919 in La Grange, Illinois. By the time she was fourteen, she’d graduated high […]