Press Kit : our story + illustrations

Women in Science : MSRP 12$
Women in Space (Expansion) : MSRP 8$

Who We Are

Anouk Charles & Benoit Fries. We were just parents looking for inspiring role models for our 7-year-old daughter, Luana.  We realised that we all know singers, actresses, etc., but in the end very little about the great women of science.  A quick search demonstrated that they do exist, but that for historical reasons they’ve rarely received the recognition they deserve.

Being from Québec, we naturally thought that if collectible hockey cards let kids know about their favourite hockey players, there’s no reason the same tactic wouldn’t work with scientists who’ve made extraordinary discoveries.

But for it to work, the game had to both look good and be lots of fun – we didn’t want to produce a pack of cards that would just gather dust in a drawer!

To take care of the visual appeal, we got in touch with our friend Fran6co.  Francis is a passionate artist who’s drawn many comics, including The Call of the Didjeridu. In the latter, he “cartoonified” several real people with really cool results. So we thought he’d be perfect for our scientists.

Why Women in Science ?

The fundamental idea is to familiarize players with women who have left their mark on science and often did not receive the recognition they were due.  This isn’t just a question of fairness and gender equality, it’s also a matter of offering role models with whom young girls can identify.  It’s hardly surprising that few girls display an interest in physics or mathematics when they never hear about women who made extraordinary discoveries in these spheres.

It’s also a way to propose another kind of superhero to our kids; ones who, with their knowledge, perseverance and hard work have cured diseases, invented many devices and technologies we use every day, and explained the mysteries of our universe.

HQ Pictures

Here are some high resolution photos and illustrations you can use. Just right-click the image to save it.

Please credit : “Courtesy of / Francis Collie“.

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