Mary Somerville

Mary Somerville – The Polymath

By Jaime Seltzer Mary Somerville was born in December of 1780. She was born to two uneducated parents in Scotland, in a time where it was thought – and I do not kid – that women were too weak-minded for strenuous intellectual activity, and that the pursuit of it would quite literally set them insane. […]

Ellen Hayes

Ellen Hayes – activist, educator, mathematician, astronomer, and critical thinker

By Jaime Seltzer “Radical ideas directed toward the promotion of free thought, free speech, free opportunity, free lives, grow and spread….You and I are called to the trailblazer’s work of today. There will be those – perhaps many – who will see our blazes and follow us. We won’t know who they are, probably; but […]

Sofia Kovalevskaya

Sofia Kovalevskaïa – Mathematician, Author, Astronomer

By Jaime Seltzer “Say what you know, do what you must, come what may.” – Sofia Kovalevskaïa Sofia Kovalevskaya was born in 1850 to an upper-class Russian family. Sofia came from a fine and distinguished line of mathematicians, though she did not know it until she had been studying for some time: her grandfather had […]

Cecilia Payne

Cecilia Payne – the Stargazer

By Jaime Seltzer Cecilia Payne was born in 1900 in Wendover, Britain. She wanted to study botany at Cambridge until she went to a lecture given by Arthur Stanley Eddington on the 1919 solar eclipse. Only four undergraduate students had won the tickets, and the only reason that Cecilia could go was that one person […]