Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr, Hollywood actress and Torpedo jammer

By Jaime Seltzer “I can excuse everything but boredom. Boring people don’t have to stay that way.” – Hedy Lamarr “Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.” – Hedy Lamarr Hedy was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kisler in Austria in 1914. From a very young age, […]

Margaret E. Knight

Margaret E. Knight – Inventor Extraordinaire

By Jaime Seltzer Margaret was born in a small town in Maine in 1838. Her father died when Margaret was very small, and so she lived with her widowed mother and two older brothers. Though they were poor, Margaret was rich in imagination and native technical skill. Using her father’s old tools, she invented toys […]

Lilian Gilbreth

Lillian Gilbreth – the Mother of Applied Psychiatry… and twelve children

By Jaime Seltzer “…if the only way to enter a man’s field was through the kitchen door, that’s the way she’d enter.” – Lillian Gilbreth Lillian Gilbreth led an unusual and fascinating life for a young woman born in the 1870s. She had eight siblings and a sickly mother, so she often ended up looking […]

Maria Telkes

Maria Telkes – the Sun Queen

By Jaime Seltzer Maria Telkes was an inventor and scientist, born in 1900 in Budapest, Hungary. The idea of solar power as an inextinguishable source of energy fascinated her even in high school, and she knew from an early age that she wanted to study the power of the sun. She earned her B.A. and […]