Alice Miller

Alice Miller: War, Child Abuse and the Black Pedagogy

By Jaime Seltzer Alicija Englard was born in 1923 to a Hasidic orthodox family in the area of Lodz, Poland. She was an intelligent and well-read girl who felt stifled by her conservative upbringing. When she and her family stayed with an aunt in Berlin during her late childhood, the change of scene allowed Alicija […]

Melanie Klein

Melanie Klein’s Play Therapy

By Jaime Seltzer Melanie Klein was born Melanie Reizes to Moriz and Libussa in 1882. Melanie was the youngest of four children, and as such was made a bit of a pet by her older siblings: her eldest brother, Emmanuel, and her sister Sidonie were especially fond of Melanie, and made sure she was well-educated […]

Karen Horney: the Feminist Psychiatrist

By Jaime Seltzer Karen Horney was born in 1885 in Germany to a boat captain father and a well-educated mother. Her household consisted of her mother, her father’s children from another marriage, and she and her older brother, on whom she had a childhood crush. (Ewww, you are probably thinking: but it is pretty common […]