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Question de secrate. Devoir d'anglais, 11-14 ans (6e, 5e, 4e, 3e / 6e primaire à 3e secondaire).
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Est ce que quelqu'un peut me corriger mon texte merci de votre aide

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Last july my parents offered a travel toNew York with my friends. I took the plane for the first Time, the flight lasted eight Hours. We walked into lasted eight hours. We walked into Central PArk, we were impressed by the tall buildings. We went shopping in big stores. We could also see the memorial of the world trade center, a very moving place. We had the chance to climb up the empire state building from where we took some very nice photos, to go to the island where is the statue of liberty. We drove around Manhattan by boat. The hotel were we ranted is really gigantic, with the bathrooms for each bedroom, a big swimming pool and a big jacuzzi. Our parents were worried because we did not give much News. We had a pleasant and unforgettable Journey. I hope I will return one day, this is my biggest dream. But the next time I go one a trip without my parents I promise to give them News every other day to reassure them.

Merci de votre aide pour la correction
Re: Correction
le 21-05-2017 à 11:48 #

Qui peut me corriger mon texte

Merci de votre aide

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